The history of Pullichira Marian devotion dates back to the 16th century A. D. The sailors of a Portuguese ship, who were saved from a perilous sea storm through the intercession of our lady had put the statue of Virgin Mary in their possession in a box and floated it on the Arabian sea with a resolve to build a church where the box with the statue was washed ashore. It was this miraculous statue that reached the shores of Pullichira around 1520 A.D. The faithful followers of Pullichira gladly placed the statue in the then existing small church. Later the Portuguese arrived here and built a church in 1572 A.D. with a beautifully carved wooden altar, at the top of which they installed the miraculous statue of Our Lady. The statue is preserved intact in this new church built in 1974. The Parish was established in 1627 A.D.
This church is located in Mayyanad Panchayath, Kollam District. It has been built at a place of scenic beauty on the banks of Pullichira Lake. This Church is accessible from Kottiyam (2 km), from Mayyanad (2 km), and from Kollam town (12 km). Annual pilgrimage, rituals and celebration of festivals are routine here. . .
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